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XNXX: Björk interviews Arvo Pärt


Pop Singer
Eccentric and visionary Icelandic singer who is celebrated for her electronic music and avant-garde personal style. She was a child prodigy who sang jazz and went on to be in punk bands, two of which were called Spit and Snot and KUKL. Some of her most memorable songs include "Army Of Me," "Joga," "Isobel," and "Pagan Poetry." She married composer Thor Eldon in 1986 and they had one child together. Later they divorced and she became partners with Matthew Barney, an experimental filmmaker, with whom she raises her son. She co-starred with French actress Catherine Deneuve in the Lars von Trier film, Dancer in the Dark.
Age: 49 years old
Birthday: November 21, 1965
Born: Iceland
Birth Sign: Scorpio

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