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Sydney Sierota #TheFappening
Sydney Sierota #TheFappening
Sydney Sierota #TheFappening

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Sydney Sierota

Pop Singer
Named one of MTV's 2014 Artists to Watch, she is the lead singer of the alt-pop band Echosmith along with her three brothers Jamie, Noah, and Graham. They released the single "Cool Kids" in 2013. She started playing in a band with her brothers when she was just 5 years old. With Echosmith, she signed with Warner Bros Records in 2012 and released her first album in 2013. She was born in Los Angeles, California. She performed with Echosmith during the Teen Nick Top 10: New Year's Eve Countdown, hosted by Nick Cannon.
Age: 17 years old
Birthday: April 21, 1997
Born: California
Birth Sign: Taurus

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